Booking Systems

Booking Systems

Managing your bookings is one of the most important jobs for any part of the hospitality industry and more often than not, it is the area where technology is the most lacking. A lot of Hotel’s and B&B’s still use a pen and paper booking system, as they feel it has some advantages over digital systems.

The strong suits of the pen and paper we hear the most are:

  • Pen & Paper doesn’t need any training to operate.
  • I can see the bookings at a glance.
  • I can make a booking by just writing the name down.

    There are some drawbacks, though:

  • Only one user can access the book at a time
  • No back up: lose your book and you are in big trouble
  • Changing things is hard: cross out and re-write
  • Doesn't create booking confirmations/invoices for you
  • You can't link a pen-and-paper record to a website

At Sunrise Networking we are dedicated to ensuring that our digital system not only meets the expectations of a pen and paper system, but far surpasses them!

The back end of the system is clear and clean of clutter, requiring very little training before you know exactly how to use it!

It shows you the essential information that you need to know, who is coming in, and when are they leaving cleanly and clearly. You can also see the weekly schedule at a glance, allowing you to pick up on and notice any patterns, slow periods or opportunities.

You can actually see as much or as little detail as you like, with the ability to look into individual rooms and see their bookings up to 12 months ahead of time. If you want to make a booking for a customer who contacts you over the telephone, it’s as easy to do as with pen & paper, you just open up the room, write down the dates and the customer’s name and just like that it’s booked!

The system can then be setup to automatically email the customer a confirmation of booking, and even integrate an invoice to send out to them, making both the booking and receiving of the payment a quick and easy process.

Some of our favourite features of the software, and we are pretty certain they will be your favourites too!

Access from anywhere.
You can access your booking system from any computer with an internet connection. From the kitchen, from your son-in-law's house, or even when you are away on holiday yourself.

Easily make changes.
Easily display and update guest details, no more tip-ex or pencil bookings, no more clutter or confusion in the booking system!

Accept online bookings.
The system works both ways, once installed to your website the customer will be able to book through the internet smoothly and easily, the system is fully functional on all mobile and tablet devices as well.

Safe and backed up.
Your data is stored on servers with multiple, identical hard drives. If one hard drive fails, the others take over, there is no loss of data. If all the drives on a server fail at same time (highly unlikely, in the absence of a disaster) we can restore from a cloud service supported by Microsoft Azure.

Create booking confirmations / invoices.
One click creates a PDF booking confirmation, showing costs and payments, which you can print or email to your guest.

Our Booking System can be integrated into other booking search engines such as:

This allows you to build a database of customers and attract customers you otherwise would not be able to reach, it also acts as free advertising for your business!




We can accept cash, credit / debit cards and paypal payments.